Made With Love in California

Sourced directly from local family farms, our organic when possible ingredients thrive in California’s sun-drenched soil and mild climate. Each ingredient is lovingly picked at peak freshness for maximum enjoyment.

The Honest Spirit

Chareau is an honest, plant-based spirit free of artificial colors, flavors, and unnatural sugars. We take a mindful approach to creating light, refreshing, and delicious spirits using local California ingredients and a much-needed transparent process.

Our Purpose

We are a Social Purpose Corporation, we care about wellness within our company, customers, and the community at large – this is part of the inspiration for doing what we do, and we intend to start giving back with our time and money, as well, through charities.

A California
Love Story

I was inspired by the rich agriculture and natural beauty of California when I created Chareau. Back then, the alcohol industry was full of artificial colors & flavors, sugary drinks, and secretive processes — and I wanted to change that. We needed an honest spirit made from real plant-based ingredients that took a mindful approach to health and wellness.

With this intention, I purchased a pot still and spent the next few years honing my craft, while staying true to my commitment of creating a beautiful and sustainable spirit. Named after my great-grandparents, Arthur Charron and Florence Favreau, hard-working farmers who moved our family out west — and where we’ve lived ever since — I created Chareau for all of us. This light and refreshing drink is best enjoyed while spending time with friends and loved ones.

"We are all in part where we came from, and Chareau is my tribute to The Golden State."

— Kurt Charron

Made with real ingredients: Aloe
eau de vie
lemon peel

A Window to the West

A gift from the hands and hearts of California’s farmers and artisans.

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