Social Purpose Corporation 
Annual Report 2021

Our company’s purpose is not simply to pursue financial profits, but also to pursue social goods, even at the expense of corporate profits. Washington law requires that a Social Purpose Corporation supply an annual report reflecting our social purpose actions and goals.

2021 Overview

2021 was another challenging year due to the negative effects of COVID on our business, employees, customers, suppliers, and the country. Our business was tested again, monthly with the unpredictability of COVID cases, government mandates, business closures, and changing consumer buying patterns. Despite all the challenges the business encountered, we were able to stick to our principles, increase our staff, and find ways to keeping doing what we love, creating Chareau.

Actions Taken During the 2021 Fiscal Year to Achieve our Social Purpose

  • Researched and started to create performance metrics to help us measure our social purpose actions and their impact on the community.
  • Utilized local, organic #2 (“ugly”) ingredients sourced from California farms when available.
  • Purchased packaging from U.S based suppliers whenever possible.
  • Researched additional actions and measures to reduce and offset our carbon footprint in 2022.
  • Created 2 full-time jobs within the local community that pay fair wages with full benefits.
  • Hired local labor force as part of a commitment to create jobs through hand bottling of our products.
  • Improved our Health and Wellness benefits for all employees
  • Implemented a Platform to monitor and improve Company Culture, Employee Wellbeing, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
  • Retained our commitment to ingredient transparency by listing all ingredients in the bottle on the bottle.
  • Continued to use only natural ingredients with no artificial colors or flavors.
  • Maintained a grain and nut free production area to reduce allergen exposure.
  • Sustainable use of distillation byproducts as an all-natural cleanser for equipment and facility
  • Followed Southern California Edison recommendations for energy conservation to reduce stress on the state power grid.
  • Researched additional usages for production byproducts.

What We Set Out to Achieve in 2022

  • Reducing employee travel emissions by encouraging employees to ride their bikes to work, using the train, carpooling, and offering Zoom/remote meetings.
  • Research local non-profits and find ways to incorporate awareness and support into our currently planned events.
  • Strategic planning for installation of solar panels for our production facility in Santa Barbara.
  • Planning and executing health and wellness focused events to promote a healthy work and life balance for our own employees and the hospitality industry.
  • Additional research on reducing packaging size and weight to cut overall transportation emissions.
  • Improved planning and logistics to reduce transportation distances on our entire supply chain.
  • Switching to recycled glass from our current glass packaging.

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